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Dr. Sandra (Chap) Chapman | Children’s Development of Difference: Raising a Child with Healthy Racial Awareness Workshop

January 27, 2021

In today’s society, children receive daily messages about race, ethnicity, skin color, and many other forms of social identities. When these messages are affirming, they aid in the development of a healthy sense of sense. However, negative messages about children’s identities are also absorbed through explicit and

implicit means.

Racial-ethnic identity is a key component of early childhood, adolescent, and adult development. A complete understanding of one's own and other people's racial-ethnic identity has a positive impact on school and

classroom environments, and in society at large.

Race and racism are organizing principles in the United States and this is seen in overt and covert ways in all systems and institutions. As families who care for children, we aim to interrupt the negative messages heard about self and others in order to build children’s capacity to embrace differences. Through awareness of children’s development of racial identity, parents actively engage in developing their own anti-bias and anti- racist approach.

Dr. Sandra (Chap) Chapman is the Founder of Sandra Chapman Consulting, an organization rooted in the belief that, through teamwork, we can learn more about ourselves and others; discuss and discover the foundational research needed to address the needs in a community; create conversations that support individuals where they are and confront barrier issues; and create actionable steps towards building stronger educational communities.

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